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Don Willy's Taqueria [DO]

Lupillo's closed down a few weeks ago, sadly enough. It did not seem like they would last, though. It is a poor location, and many of the customers who came in seemed to want the gringo style Mexican food rather than the more authentic tacos that they served. But Don Willy's sprang up after just a couple of weeks. (in fact, the server looks like the same person, so it may just be that the owner sold it as-is along with the staff)

I had to try the tacos, of course, just to see how they compared. They were not quite as good, but close. The al pastor was a lot less greasy, but also less tender. The carne asada was about the same. The chorizo was tender and tasty, but had none of the crunchy bits that I really love. And the chips came with a salsa roja, which I much prefer to the salsa verde.

They were also clearly still trying to figure out what they were doing. I had to ask for water twice, and my companion, who ordered a carne asada plate, had to ask because they forgot the lettuce/guac/cream, the tortillas, and his chips. But this will probably improve, given time. It is a hard call, and I would not recommend it as highly as I did Lupillo's, but it is a pretty decent taco option for the downtown area.

Downtown Oakland restaurant #77 for me, and a far sight better than Luka's was.

Don Willy's Taqueria
333 17th St
Oakland, CA
Mon-Fri 8:30a-4:30p
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