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Phuong Nam [DO]

I just wanted to pick something quick up, so ordered pho tai nam to go from Phuong Nam.

Now, one of the cardinal rules about takeout pho is that you cannot fit all of the noodles and meat into the container with the broth. Since I was thinking about work, I kind of forgot this. I quickly put the meat and jalapeños in, realized some of the rare meat had touched the noodles, picked them up with chopsticks, and started lowering them in.. only to finally wake up and realize imminent failure.

I could not save it with the chopsticks, even when I carefully grabbed a fork and tried to pull: the noodles were damp, falling apart, and even if I got them out there was no place to put them. Luckily I always put a large rimmed plate under my takeout soups. Partly for splatters (udon does that a lot), but mostly just to have a side area to place my spoon and chopsticks. The broth spilled, but the plate caught it. I could then spoon out broth to get the container to an eatable level, move the container to a second plate, and funnel the spilled broth into a cup for reheating and adding back in later.


The pho was pretty good. The flank meat was a lot better trimmed than usual, and even though I forgot about the broth level, I did separate the rare meat before adding it, so I had thin slices and not large chunks. Next time I will try to be more vigilant about the splashing, though...

Phuong Nam
1615 Clay St
Oakland, CA
Mon-Sat 11a-9p
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