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Chef Edward's BBQ [DO]

I have been craving barbecue for a while now, but it is hard to work while eating ribs (although it is easier than working while cleaning up spilled pho, but that's another post). I went to Chef Edward's when they first opened only to have a disappointing experience with huge crowds, incompetent service, a long wait, and lots of items on their menu that they were "out of". They have solved.. three of those.

I wanted the rib "sandwich" (lunch-sized portion), but that seemed like more food than I really needed. Instead, I chose the less expensive rib tip special, which still came with a side. And lo! they answered the phone. (that first week, a lot of people standing around were complaining because they tried to call in, but nobody was answering the phones).

There were not many people there, although it was maybe halfway full when we left at 12:10. That might also explain the faster service. However, the incompetence was still there. They gave me the wrong side (I checked before leaving), left the bread out of a coworker's order, and had a really difficult time with the cash register.

The rib tips were indeed tasty, especially with the hot sauce, but they were extremely hard to eat. Some "tips" were all gristle and bone, others were chock full of meat. Good food, but the next time, I'll pay more, stick to the ribs, and just not eat all of the food.

I chose greens for the side. They were quite bland, not at all what I expected. I think I thought they would be like the greens at Our Place: peppery and spicy, with a light crispness. These were just greens boiled for too long in water. Next time I'll try the black-eyed peas instead.

Chef Edwards Bar-b-que
1915 San Pablo
Oakland, CA
Tue-Thu 7a-8p, Fri-Sat 7a-10p, Sun 7a-11a
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