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Palapas Taco Bar [DO]

I wanted more than just a simple salad, and needed to pick it up quickly, so headed over to Palapas for a ceviche salad. It was quite good when I first went, but this time it was very unexciting.

The very first time, there was a heaping pile of lettuce with a ton of ceviche on it, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, and a few dozen chips. This time the server guy was too "busy" for me (he was chatting with the other idle workers). He tossed in a small handful of lettuce, a single scoop of ceviche, a dab of guacamole, and a whopping pile of five chips. The food was indeed tasty, but this was like a third as much food as I had gotten last time. Sure, to go orders are often slightly smaller, but there was still ample room in the container. I would have been happier even just with more lettuce!

If they want it to be just an appetizer, they should price it accordingly.

Palapas Taco Bar
200 Frank H Ogawa Plaza
Oakland, CA
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