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Emperor Chinese Gourmet [DO]

I was dragged in here again. Feh. This time I thought I would try the Mongolian beef. How can you screw that up? But when it came time to order, the waitress kept pushing me to try the General Tao chicken (which I had disliked last time), claiming it was an "opening sale" and was cheaper. Odd -- I was there closer to their actual opening and it wasn't on sale that time!

The Mongolian beef was amazingly not good. Large chunks of medium quality beef, yellow onion chunks, and a few vegetables, all in a cloyingly sweet sauce. They must only have one sauce the cook can make. "Extra spicy" apparently meant that instead of cooking it with more whole chili peppers, they would simply dump several handfuls of finely powdered dried peppers over the entire dish, rendering it barely edible.

I will resist further attempts to drag me here.

Emperor Chinese Gourmet
332 Frank Ogawa Plaza
Oakland, CA
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