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I.B.'s Hoagies #2 [DO]

I was in the rare mood for a hoagie, but needed to grab something really quickly. So I headed around the corner to the nearer I.B.'s, which, from what I have heard, is not nearly as good as the one on 21st street.

I ordered a "chicken mush" (cheesesteak with chicken and mushrooms). Remembering that pickles weren't good in the sandwich, I asked for some on the side.

When I got back to work, I found that not only were they quite generous with the pickles, giving me over a dozen when sandwiches normally just get four or five, but they had tossed in a bunch of free curly fries. Bonus! I'm not sure if they are just more generous here, or if they had made extra and they were getting old. The fries were a bit extra crispy. But that's how I like them.

The hoagie itself was okay: not as good as the ones from the other place, but still tasty. And with the fries, I could only finish half of it, saving the rest for the next day Two lunches for $6 isn't too bad at all.

Downtown Oakland restaurant #79 for me (if you allow two instances of a franchise to both count, which I do).

I.B.'s Hoagies #2
1601 San Pablo
Oakland, CA
Mon-Fri 8a-4p
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