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Don Willy's Taqueria [DO]

About two months ago, after Lupillo's closed and Don Willy's first opened, I went there. It was only okay. Two months later I decided to give it a try again.

The service was much improved, as they had figured out where everything was and what components went with what meals. I guess service tends to be bad the very first week a restaurant is open, because unlike weddings, they probably don't do trial runs.

The salsa was also much better. It came close to the salsa from the long-defunct Mi Casa, which is high praise from me.

The meat was unfortunately not so good. I ordered two tacos, since I did not feel hungry. The carnitas one has three large chunks of carnitas, rather than a nicely sliced and ripped apart selection, and it was dry and greasy. The pastor was slightly better, but was lacking that smoky and tangy taste that most pastor has. There was very little meat on the tacos. In the past, I could take the two tortillas and move half of the toppings onto the bottom one, and still have pretty full tacos. This time it was not enough for two tacos.

Sad, as the salsa was great, the service was improved, and I still think this is the most authentic Mexican taco place in downtown Oakland. I may return in the future, but not for a while.

Don Willy's Taqueria
333 17th St
Oakland, CA
Mon-Fri 8:30a-4:30p
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