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Fat Cat Cafe [DO]

I had always meant to try Fat Cat for many years. But sandwiches aren't my usual fare, so I never quite made it there. Today I did, because I had a craving for a French dip sandwich, and they offered one.

I called in the order, went over, and picked it up, only to wonder where my food was. It seemed rude to look inside of the bag, but it was so light that I wondered if they had forgotten to put the sandwich in. No, it was there. It was just a very small sandwich.

It was quite tasty. And there was just the right amount of au jus, and good quality roast beef. I could have done without the provolone, but otherwise it was what I wanted.. only a bit small. For $7 (cost t/t), it was just half of a lunch.

#80 in my downtown Oakland restaurant count, and even though I thought the offering was small, it outstripped most of the newer places I have tried.

Fat Cat Cafe
1720 Telegraph
Oakland, CA
Mon-Fri 7:30a-4p
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