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It was late, and I just needed to grab something, so I called Phuong Nam for some pho tai nam to go. Normally this is a good choice, because my food has always been ready by the time I get there.. but they were incredibly busy today, and uncoordinated. It ended up being fifteen minutes before my food was ready.

The prices went up, too - $6.75 pre-tax for simple pho. Only Pho 84 costs more. This pho is pretty good, but not that great.

The most interesting thing was that the containers they gave me were quite different. There was a takeout box, and a broth container that looked like a pie pan. The good thing about it is that the broth container has just enough room so that everything can fit in all at once without overflowing. The bad thing, though, is that since the noodles came in a cube in the takeout box, I could not fit them all in the fluid at once.

The other bad thing is that since the surface area was so much greater, it cooled off rapidly, leaving me with cold pho before I finished half of it. In the past, I have eaten takeout pho in two batches, saving off half of the broth and noodles and microwaving just the broth before the second half. But with all of the food together, I could not microwave it (it would no doubt be bad for the noodles, raw bean sprouts, and meat).

It is true that I didn't have to reach way down with spoon and chopsticks, which is nice, but I was also left with a shallow pool of broth at the end that was impossible to spoon out. So overall, I don't really like the new containers.

There were no jalapenos, but there were carrot shreds in the sprouts. I have no idea what was up with that.

Phuong Nam
1615 Clay St
Oakland, CA
Mon-Sat 11a-9p
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