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Don Ramon [San Francisco]

Don Ramon got some great reviews, but it's always hard to tell with expensive gringo-oriented Mexican restaurants. I was in a group and had little choice, but others were paying, so it was okay.

The chips and salsa that came out were great. The salsa was red, and had a nice tomatoy taste. They refill them, but in a really strange way. Rather than waiting for you to be done, they would zip away with it when it was running low -- not just one basket at a time, but all three baskets on the table simultaneously. It didn't seem to be optimization, since there were only three tables with people seated, and several people were standing around waiting to refill the chips.

The crab enchilada had been recommended to me, but its description said "soaked in butter". Bleah. So instead I went with the enchilada/tostada combo. A chicken enchilada and a beef tostada, for variety.

The tostada was more of a salad on top of a tortilla that was somehow both soft enough you couldn't pick it up, and hard enough you couldn't chop it with a fork. They were good fresh toppings, though. After several attempts I just decided to eat the toppings off with a fork. The enchilada was edible once the top cheese removed, but not much better than that. The rice was bad, and the beans were not much better, but I rarely expect good rice and beans from gringo Mexican restaurants.

It was very expensive. Free soda refills, but even so, one meal and one drink was over $20. Great service, mediocre food, and I won't be rushing back.

Don Ramon
225 11th St
San Francisco, CA
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