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Kyoto Express [DO]

Normally I get either the chicken or beef udon, or the teriyaki/maki special here. But having had a lot of meat at home recently, I decided to go for the tofu and veggie udon. "Extra spicy", of course.

And it was indeed nice and spicy. The tofu was not amazing, but I did not mind the lack of meats.

Since I had some sitting around as snack food, I tore up and added in some "ajitsuke nori" (thin sheets of spicy seaweed) towards the end. That worked quite nicely. Normally things like the seaweed and scallions float to the top, and are gone before I am halfway done. I'll have to keep some around for future trips.

Kyoto Express
1721 1/2 Webster
Oakland, CA
Mon-Fri 11:30a-3p
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