Merle's Gastronomic Adventures

restaurant reviews, mostly in downtown Oakland, CA

Merle [Food]
NOTE: This journal is currently in read-only mode with no new posts from me planned for the near future. See the sticky.

I used to live and work in the Oakland, CA, USA area. This was my "food" journal, containing reviews of restaurants dined at, with occasional forays into home-cooked meals and all of the ancillary paraphenalia associated with gastronomic adventures.

I have a second journal, maintaining a separation between gastronomic adventures and obtuse philosophical tirades.

All entry subjects are affixed with a code, indicating where the restaurant being reviewed is located.

The current key is:
  • [DO] Downtown Oakland
  • [OGL] Oakland, Grand/Lakeshore Area
  • [OP] Oakland, Piedmont Area
  • [OF] Oakland, Fruitvale Area
  • [city] that city, in the SF East Bay area
  • [city, state] that city, in that state
  • [near region] near that region (eg, Yosemite)
  • [Info] informational messages